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Do the pressures of everyday life, stress at your job, or even the challenges of raising children make it difficult for you to find any real time just for yourself?  We understand what it can feel like to get to Sunday evening and realize you get to wake up and do it all over again for another week!  But we also know there is more to life than the rat-race that often keeps our wheels spinning in place!

Young adults are often the group that gets overlooked in the church.  The church expects us to be involved—teaching church school, serving on boards and committees, helping with church events—but offers very little in the way of nurture and care.  That has changed, though, at First Congregational UCC!

Our “Young Adult Group” meets one Sunday evening a month for a time of food, fellowship, and fun.  Steve and Connie Perry serve as our hosts each month and we will typically meet in their home from 5 to 7 pm.  These events are very informal and we want you to simply come and have a good time, leaving your worries and pressures behind.

Our next gathering will be in September.  Please join us!

Steve & Connie’s address is:

30634 O Ave
New Providence, IA 50206

We hope you will join us!